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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Doan Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in health,

Dr. Dennis Doan

Chronic Headaches

I was very skeptical when I first visited the Dr but when my headaches stopped for two full days I was thrilled to have visited him. I have chronic headaches and wake up with one and go to bed with on so for my headache to stop for the two days was a miracle and definitely going back because it really something that a doctor can do for me. Thank you for helping me, Dr Doan, I sure will be back when I move here to Oklahoma.

Elise G.

Immediate Pain Relief

I had immediate pain relief! Not just my neck/back pain from the auto accident but my breathing has been improved as well! My shortness of breath has been increasing and my doctors have been unable to help me with it. I am thrilled and very excited to see how much more my health can improve with Dr. Doan’s treatment.

Sharon E.

Alternative Approach To Healing The Body From The Inside Out Without The Use Of Chemicals Or Medications

My son was diagnosed with Classical Autism at age 2 and within the last year, received a diagnosis of Apraxia, also. He has been non-verbal his whole life, with the exception of a few words. With the recommendation of my family, we started seeing Dr. Doan around the beginning of August. Since his treatment began, we have seen exceptional improvements not only in speech, but other areas of behavior that children with Autism typically struggle in such as, social, cognitive and behavioral. He is significantly more calm, his self-stimulatory (stim) behavior has been reduced drastically and now for the first time, he is a able to use 6+ words in a sentence to request needs and wants. His behavior in school has been noticed with teachers and school staff commenting in awe about his dramatic improvements- from reading books aloud, to spelling tests and dictation sentences. Other non-related Autism improvements we have seen are, sleeping through the night and severe eczema he has had since birth completely healed and vanished from his skin. I highly recommend Dr. Doan to anyone who is looking for an alternative approach to healing the body from the inside out, without the use of chemicals or medications.

Ericka M.

Patient, James Klages

James Klages, Trumpet Virtuoso

Chiropractic is the first and only thing that has helped my M.S.

My story on the surface is interesting ; I am told that I was the only person in the entire 20th Century to be directly hired as Cornet Soloist with the Marine Band. Then after four years I was struck with multiple sclerosis and medically retired. This is all too common a story – illness hits people – even musicians. That I did not quit performing and tried to carry on is perhaps encouraging – but many people with such an illness also try to do so. My thoughts through this were: “There is no choice. Just try not to become a burden to those whom you love.” I was not entirely successful in doing so. ( M.S. can be tiring and discouraging.) I shudder to remember what I put my wife and daughter through.

For almost fourteen years I dealt with it – several exasperations each year and gradually losing control over the use of my body – from head-to-toe. My mental abilities were also effected (Primarily memory). For fourteen years I could not play the piano, tie my shoes, button my shirt, or walk without falling down. The floors of my house had trails of coffee – spilled from my cup as I moved through the house.

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My energy level was very low. I became weary telling people, “I am tired!” When my hands became effected, I tried to find a way to still play and practice my trumpets. I devised a golfing glove and Velcro to fashion a support so I could hold the trumpet.

The neurologist at first prescribed Prednisone, then Amantadine, and then other drugs. They later suggested injections to slow down the progress. These were supposed to slow it only 30% with trade offs including nausea leaving a 70% deterioration. I was very hesitant to go that route – I could not even write my name legibly. How could I give myself injections? I did try many herbal and vitamin treatments and took about twenty or so pills every day. Heat would paralyse me. I acquired handicap parking stickers. Walking in the heat carrying a trumpet case and books was not an easy task.

When we moved to Edmond, OK, I continued as I had: I stayed in the air-conditioned rooms and vehicles, did little physical activity in the heat, and took the pills. When I finished my Doctorate (after twenty years’ work interrupted by the Marines and M.S.) I had Dave Monette make a cornet for me (I had known him since my time at IU getting my Masters Degree.) He placed my picture on his web page and Dennis Doan saw it. I did not know him at this time. Dennis is a good trumpeter and he wanted to check out the Monette instruments and mouthpieces. Dave Monette put him in touch with me.

When Dennis and I met we became friends. When he found out I had M.S., he said he could help me – he was a Chiropractor. (I instantly thought – “No,you can’t! Chiropractor’s are ‘quacks’.”

At Bethesda Naval Hospital, I had seen the best neurologists in the world, if Chiropractic could help M.S., I would have heard about it. I had read many books and looked at the Internet without seeing any credible mention of this. I had received well- intentioned advice from many people including becoming a vegetarian, removing all my fillings from my teeth, stop using deodorant, and becoming celibate! (well not that!) My point is – I did not credit him as a potential help. From time to time Dennis would tell me he could help me.

One day during the summer I made the mistake of trying to cut my lawn when I fell down and could not walk at all. I tried calling for help but no one could hear me. I crawled into the air-conditioned house and took a cold shower. I next drove to see Dr. Doan to prove he could not help me so I could order a walker to get on with my life. The short version of this is, he ended all my symptoms of M.S. Not instantly, but over time. One symptom ended immediately during the first visit or I would not have gone back to see him about this. It was the removal of the insidious burning pain in my feet. At the time my neurologist had prescribed three drugs to manage it – with little benefit except making me tired and dizzy.

Currently I take no drugs whatsoever. It has been years since I fell down. My energy level is very high and I can play the piano again. My last MRI showed no plaque from scarring from the M.S. – something my Neurologist cannot explain or has seen before.(My other previous MRIs were full of them.) I function as a person without M.S. Some of the damage caused by the disease remains (my handwriting is terrible and sometimes my feet hurt.)

I credit the Lord blessing me in all this and want others with M.S. to hear about this- I have yet to hear someone with M.S., who has looked into this treatment, say it did not help and have had a number of others who did say they had results similar to mine. I do not for a second think that my good fortune is a result of my wonderful character, talent, or even my extraordinarily good looks! It would insult many better people than I who are suffering from this and similar diseases. My goal is to encourage people dealing with such matters. Each person eventually has difficulties and obstacles which shape his life. This does not have to be a tragedy.

Thanks for wading through this long note.

Your friend,
James Klages, Trumpet Virtuoso
Former Cornet Soloist for the US Marine Band

Click here to view the documentary trailer about Klages’ struggle with MS.

Why should I waste money on doctors who can’t help me when I have a doctor who can?

Dr. Doan,

I’ve been promising this for a long time. Here it is, finally. I know it’s long, but I wanted to tell the whole story:

On April 3, 2003, I got ready for bed knowing I was coming down with a flu or something. As I lay down for what was sure to be a long and difficult night, my left shoulder twitched violently. Nothing like that had ever happened before, and I was about to blow it off when both shoulders twitched violently. My pectoral (chest muscles were drastically pulling my shoulders in toward my body). Every five minutes or so, the twitches would reoccur.

I live in OKC and work in Norman. My doctor is also in Norman. I woke up still feeling horrible and having a few twitches. I didn’t want to drive all the way down to Norman, so I went to my local Voodoo Village (aka Urgent Care Clinic). The doctor there just gave me drugs for my flu and told me the twitching was nothing. It may have been nothing to him, but by that evening, it was something to me. The muscle twitches — which were more like muscle jerks now — had returned.

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The next day, I went to my doctor in Norman. To his credit, he took my jerks seriously, even though they didn’t occur while I was there. He said they may be related to the flu or maybe not. He said if I was still having them in a week to check back with him.

A week later, they were worse. My friends at work were beginning to notice them. My doctor saw them when I was there. It wasn’t just my pectorals, either. Now my biceps, latissimus dorsi, triceps and deltoids were sometimes twitching, sometimes jerking. If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George acts like he has a muscle jerk in his arm, that’s what I truly looked like half the time. My doctor gave me a drug called Skelax, which is a muscle relaxer. After a week of that, I was still worse.

My doctor referred me to a neurologist. It was going to be 6 weeks before they could see me. After 2 weeks, I could no longer sit still for any amount of time. Some muscle in my arms, shoulders, back or chest was moving virtually every minute. At work, I’d put my mouse over what I wanted to click and my arm would jerk before I could click it. It would take me 5 minutes to click the thing I wanted.

I’ve always been curious about medical things. I’ve also cultivated a serious distrust for the medical profession as a whole. It started when as a young adult I noticed that doctors always acted and spoke as if they knew everything, and I knew from my own reading and study that there was more that they didn’t know than they knew about the human body. Being impatient and impetuous, I started researching some things myself. My wife’s sister is a nurse, and she mentioned a degenerative nervous disorder called Huntington’s disease. I started researching this disease and was distraught to find that my symptoms were similar to the descriptions I read. This is a disease that causes its victims to slowly lose control of their body and mind. Typically, victims die within 15 years of onset.

I searched and searched to see if there was anything else I may have had. Everything I found was bad. From chorea to ALS to MS to MD, they were all either debilitating or fatal. The only thing I found that wasn’t horrible was something called myoclonus, but I couldn’t find anything that described it. Often, it was listed as a symptom of one of the other disease. A few web sites said that it could sometimes be its own condition, but they didn’t say much else.

By the time I finally got to the neurologist (who got me in a week early), I was convinced I was going to die. Since my late teens, I’ve trusted God with my future. I wasn’t at all afraid to die. However, I have the best wife in the world and the four best kids in the world. (You can debate me on this, but I’ll fight ya!) I lost my dad to a car wreck when I was 21. My youngest son wasn’t even one yet, my daughter was 3, and my other 2 sons were 7 & 6. I didn’t want them to lose their dad so soon. I didn’t want my wife to be a widow.

The neurologist looked at me and sent me to get an MRI and an EEG. I also had blood work done. They all were negative. (I mean, I had organs and a brain and blood, but there was nothing apparently wrong with them!) I went back to see him 2 weeks after my first visit for the verdict. The good news was that I didn’t have any fatal disease. I was truly grateful to God for this. Here’s the tough part: When I went in, I had muscle jerks and I didn’t know why. 6 weeks and $3800 worth of tests later, I was diagnosed with myoclonus of an indeterminate cause, which literally means I had muscle jerks and they didn’t know why. The doctor told me there was no cure and I would likely live with them to some degree or another for the rest of my life, which was expected to be otherwise normal. He gave me a drug called Keppra, which was an anti-epileptic drug that had been used to help people in my condition. He told me that there were no side effects, which was remarkable for this kind of drug. (Many of these types of drugs have horrible side effects that are nearly as debilitating as the disease.)

I didn’t know what else to do, so I started taking the drug. It did reduce the jerks. I could sit still at work for the most part. The problem was, it made me stupid. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve always been a quick thinker. Now, I would sit at work and stare at my computer trying desperately to think of something. (I felt like Winnie-the-Pooh in The Blustery Day. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent it.) I got a little used to it, but I hated it. I decided to do a few experiments on myself, so I slowly reduced my medication to the point that I could think better. More of the jerks came back, but it was a happy medium. Well, not quite happy, but I thought it was the best I could do. (DISCLAIMER: Many psychotropic drugs can cause severe — even fatal — withdrawal. Never reduce your medication without consulting the doctor who gave it to you. Don’t worry, Dr. Doan will tell you the same thing.)

I started reading all the junk about the drugs that nobody ever reads. You know, the paper work with all the tiny print. (I would highly recommend reading these for any drugs you take. They’re surprisingly candid and incredibly eye-opening. If people actually read these things, they’d never take another drug. If you think all the “side effects include” disclaimers on TV commercials are bad, try reading the printed material. It’s a wonder this stuff ever gets approved for use.) I was alarmed when I read that Keppra works by activating the sleep center in your brain. The reason I had become stupid was that I was partially asleep all the time. I was further alarmed when I read that during the trials, 4 people had attempted suicide, 1 successfully. (This was the wording in the paperwork. I hate to think of someone who closes the deal on killing themselves as being “successful”.) But the biggest shock I got was when I read the list of side effects. One of the most common side effects of Keppra was — are you ready for this? — MYOCLONUS! The very condition for which I was given this drug was a side effect of the drug!!!!

I was absolutely furious. I resolved then and there that I was going to find a solution for my situation. I was thinking about calling a naturopath or some other kind of alternative therapist. I had settled on one or two people to call when a friend at work told me I needed to call her dad. Many people at work had been praying for me. When Carrie Doan heard what I was dealing with, she e-mailed me and told me to call her dad. She confidently stated he could help me. Not that he’d try or that
he might be able to make me feel a little better, she said he could definitely help me.

Well, I’m your typical prideful idiot American male, so I decided to ignore her. I knew what I wanted to do. Besides, I’d heard mixed reviews on Chiropractic. I didn’t trust doctors, so I didn’t care what they thought, but I was concerned that people I knew were going to Chiropractors several times a week and paying out the nose for the privilege. With four kids and one income, I couldn’t afford that. I thank God for Carrie, because she cared enough about me to keep bugging me about calling her dad until I finally decided to at least visit his web site. I read all the things you’ve either read or are about to read, and I was amazed at the differences in what Chiropractic claimed and how they practice. I was ready to give it a try.

I went to see Dr. Doan for the first time in the middle of July, 2 1/2 months after the jerks started. After he interviewed me and reviewed my medical history, he asked me if I wanted to think about his approach and come back. I was sick to death of feeling like I felt, so I asked if he could take a look at me right away.

I was surprised that the only instrument he had was a funky little thing that measured temperature along my spine. I thought it was strange that all he had to do was look at this thing, draw on me with a china marker and ask me a few questions. When he narrowed down the most severely subluxed vertebra, he lightly poked his finger in the joint. I can only describe it by saying it literally felt like he was touching my spinal cord. I couldn’t believe how sensitive that spot of my back was. He took me over to a little place where I could get in the best position for him to adjust my back. I had never had a chiropractic adjustment, so I was a little scared. As soon as he popped my back — which made a surprisingly loud pop — I was sure something was different. I told him I felt better already. He cautioned me that the release of gases in a joint normally causes a euphoric reaction in the brain, so it was way too early to get excited.

On the way home, however, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was better. By the time I went to bed, I realized that the frequency of my muscle jerks had dropped drastically. I would say that about 75% of my muscle jerks went away and never came back! I would have been happy with this, but that wasn’t the end. Over the next year, I saw Dr. Doan on nearly a weekly basis. Sometimes, I actually got worse for a few days after a visit. I’d have weird tinglings in my arms or the frequency of the jerks would increase slightly. For about 6 weeks in March and April 2004, my right arm was numb more often than not, to the extent that I couldn’t even feel my hand sometimes. In times like this, I was tempted to doubt Dr. Doan, but I chose to trust him. After all, I was much better than when I went to him. He had already done more for me than every other doctor combined.

Since he released me to just come back on an as-needed basis, I have taken everything he’s taught me to heart. He told me to come see him even when I was sick with a cold or flu. That actually happened about a month ago. I had been feeling like I needed to go see him for a week and a half. (You get to where you just know.) I had put it off, and then I got sick. Sure enough, there was a subluxation that needed correction. It took me a week or so to totally kick the cold I had, but I didn’t have to take any antibiotics. In fact, I haven’t been to my doctor in Norman since he referred me to Dr. Doan. Why should I waste money on doctors who can’t help me when I have a doctor who can?

Over the last year and almost a half, my wife, my kids, my mother, and many friends have gone to see Dr. Doan. In fact, a quarter to half the people in my church have gone to see him. My wife and I have recently decided to cancel our employer-sponsored health insurance to go with a private policy that only covers major hospitalizations. The money we’ll save will more than pay for our visits to Dr. Doan.

The thing that makes Dr. Doan so wonderful is his unwavering commitment to the method. His trust in the method is so strong that it kept me from doubting when things weren’t perfect. I am now healthy to the point that I have gone days between muscle jerks that used to occur every second. One of my arms used to extend farther than the other, and Dr. Doan fixed that, too. I’ve had trouble swallowing for several years. Not anymore. I play guitar and I used to get painful hand cramps when playing bar chords. Now if I get them, I know I need to go see Dr. Doan! I sleep better, I don’t get headaches as frequently, I don’t get sick as frequently, and I don’t get depressed as I used to occasionally.

I have an amazing story and I am pleased to tell it, but honestly, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. You will not regret it.

To the Glory of God,
Jim Miller
Sept. 23, 2004

If you are anywhere close to Oklahoma City I highly recommend Dr. Doan.

I have had several back operations (2 major) on my lower back (L4-L5) and understand the pain that is severe and unbearable. I am truly sorry for your condition and the trouble it causes you. I played 2 of my five doctoral degree recitals with debilitating pain and it was not fun. However, I have a suggestion. My back recently went out again in April this year (last operation was spring of 2001) while I was living in Oklahoma City and I happened to be playing a gig with James Klages that weekend. (For those of you who don’t know Jim, he has MS and has had the disease for several years that had progressed to the point of walking becoming an issue. He is currently symptom free.) Jim suggested I might go see his chiropractor as he attributes his symptom-free status to this fellow and the method of chiropractic medicine.

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Well I was very skeptical as I had visited many chiropractors, naturopaths, and other non-traditional medicine practitioners. But since I was facing a cross-country move within a few weeks and currently was having problems walking let alone packing, I thought I would try it. Also, this fellow was a trumpeter as well as a chiropractor. After one treatment and one unbearable evening of pain while my body re-aligned itself, I was better. No operation. It was unbelievable. As I have come to discover, this fellow, Dr. Doan, is one of the few doctors of chiropractic medicine who practices this method which takes an additional two years of studying after normal chiropractic school. It is a very specific method that only manipulates the areas directly involved with your problem (Dr. Doan only adjusted my back near the L4-5 area once in the two weeks I saw him after using a heat sensor to discover the areas that were ‘angry’ and a very thorough physical exam and lengthy questioning). Also he also charged me $75 for the entire two weeks when I saw him about 6 times!! The last 5 were just to check that everything was healing OK and I was on target.

Wow!! If you are anywhere close to Oklahoma City I highly recommend Dr. Doan. If not, then I would find a chiropractor in your area. There is a web site of practitioners. Of course everyone is different. I am not one to seek alternative medicine at a whim and am highly skeptical of people who say that have ‘the cure.’ But this one worked for me and I would recommend this to anybody and I’m sure James Klages would, too.

Karen Gustafson, DMA
University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Prof. of Trumpet

Wondering if Chiropractic can work for you? Let me tell you our story:

In February of 2003, our 12-year old daughter, Melanie, was suffering from migraine headaches and dizziness. The symptoms had come on suddenly. We had no idea what may have caused it. The only thing we could figure was that it might have something to do with the time a month earlier that she had fallen off her scooter.

The headaches and dizziness were so severe that she could not concentrate on her schoolwork. In fact, she missed so many days of school that we considered using the school’s homebound education program until we could figure out the problem.

During that month, we took Melanie to emergency rooms and various doctors who ordered a CT Scan, X-rays, MRI, and lots of blood work. All tests showed normal. We took her to a pediatric neurologist who could not determine the cause of the headaches, but gave her medicine to help relieve them. He said if the symptoms did not go away before her next appointment, he would prescribe anti-depressant drugs for her.

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Next, we took her to a chiropractor to see if he could help. What he told us about her bone alignment made sense, but after 5 visits and multiple adjustments to all areas of her body, there was still no progress and even he was perplexed. So he suggested taking her to a TMJ specialist. By this time, we were exhausted and frustrated that nobody could determine the cause of her problems and we were hesitant to keep bouncing from doctor to doctor without more insight as to what the real problem could be.

A friend of ours suggested a different chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Doan. My first reaction was, “Not another chiropractor. We’ve already done that.” But we were encouraged to just go talk to him and see how different his method is and why it is better. So we made the appointment.

We talked with Dr. Doan and watched an informative video about Chiropractic. It was amazing to us how simple the solution really was. Dr. Doan discovered a subluxation of Melanie’s atlas. After just two adjustments, her problems were gone and have never returned. No headaches, no dizziness. She was back to full speed at school.

Later, we went back to the pediatric neurologist for the follow-up appointment. He tested Melanie and found everything to be normal. When we explained how Dr. Doan’s adjustment had brought an end to the problem, he gave it no credence. But he could offer no other reason for Melanie’s recovery.

The accidents.

Just 6 weeks later, my wife and daughter were in a car accident. They were hit from behind while stopped, waiting to turn into a business driveway. I immediately took them to Dr. Doan who treated them over the next several weeks to ensure proper spine alignment and minimize the damaging effects of the trauma.

Two days later, I slipped on wet grass and slammed my chin on a curb. It could have broken my jaw or even my neck, but fortunately, the impact just scraped my chin and slightly moved my jaw out of alignment. I immediately went to Dr. Doan who set it straight with one adjustment.

Even the minor stuff.

Anytime we have an ache or other discomfort, we visit Dr. Doan to get the spine back in line. We always get relief because the body is able to do the healing when it is not inhibited.

I gladly tell my story to anyone who wonders or doubts. I doubted, too. Especially after seeing dubious results from regular chiropractors. Let a chiropractor tell you why they are different, and you’ll have a new outlook. There’s nothing fancy or self-indulgent about Dr. Doan or his office. But the results are proof positive that the simple solution can be the best.

Kent Jones
Program Director, 92.5 KOMA

I had been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia

Approximately two years ago, I was having dinner with my daughter. When I bit down on the barbequed ribs I had ordered, I felt a sensation like an electrical shock shoot through the left side of my face. It really surprised me and my daughter immediately noticed something was wrong with me. I barely was able to finish my meal.

Later on, the shooting pain became a constant, unbearable pain in my face. I consulted my primary care provider, who referred me to a neurological surgeon. It was about three months before the appointment came up, three months of excruciating pain every time I ate or just moved my head from one side to the other. I found myself wanting to bang my head against a wall or scream out, the latter I did very often until the pain stopped. I even had to visit the emergency room at the hospital and get shots to relieve the pain.

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The neurosurgeon diagnosed my condition as Trigeminal Neuralgia. This was a painful condition of the trigeminal nerve, which runs along both sides of the head just above the ear and extending down into the areas close to the eyes and finally into the gums. He prescribed some pain medication, which only barely took the edge off the pain. He changed to another pain killer which did, for the most part kill the pain, but it also left me drowsy and sleepy all the time. The only solution he could offer was surgery which could leave me with other side effects or even death.

My daughter had recommended acupuncture and even paid for some visits to the acupuncturist. I took the therapy without any relief. I also sought a Chiropractor after researching an internet support group web page concerning trigeminal neuralgia. The Chiropractor I found was one who practiced regular chiropractic methods. After two visits, I was informed that he may or may not be able to solve my problem, but it would take possibly many visits and therapy to try at a cost that I couldn’t bear.

One day I was talking to my friend Makell Flowers. He knew of Dr. Dennis Doan because of an elderly friend who had several problems and had no relief from other doctors. Dr. Doan after just a few visits had overcome what others couldn’t! At first I was skeptical and delayed talking to Dr. Doan, but I finally did. Dr. Doan explained to me that he used the method of chiropractic manipulation and that he had been very successful with it.

After just three visits and therapy with Dr. Doan, I was feeling much better and the pain had gone away! The pain does return sometimes and when it does I see Dr. Doan again and the pain goes away again.

I thank God for Dr. Doan and his abilities to heal.

Yours Sincerely,
Clyde O. Alexander