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As is our policy at Doan Family Chiropractic, we correct the subluxation first. However, in order for you to reach optimal health, proper nutrition is essential! Dr. Doan has been involved in nutrition, including food supplements since the 1970’s.

We have included nutrition as part of our practice since day one. We use and sell only the best nutritional supplements as part of our nutritional counseling. So many supplements sold today are not getting the desired results, but have cost the consumer millions! When you follow our suggested food, and food supplement recommendations, you will notice the results you desire. And at a reasonable cost.

As part of your regular visits, we can determine your specific nutritional needs and make suggestions for your consideration. We can even help you with safe weight loss.

Please feel free to ask us about our nutrition program designed for your specific needs*.



*You must be a regular patient of DFC. The KST protocol will be used to determine your exact nutritional needs.